Bioprocess Design and Scale Up

Bioprocess Design &
Scale Up

Pilot Plant Rental
IBF will soon operate a modern Bioprocess pilot plant covering 1,700 sq. metres floor area. Our facility will contain the most up-to-date and versatile pilot-scale processing equipment. The plant now has a wide range of capabilities for developing bio-based products. IBF is arranging a modular structure of self-contained processing areas. This guarantees single client access and total confidentiality.

Technical Advice & Support
IBF can provide practical technical supports and advice for companies to solve issues related to Bioprocess design and scale-up. Businesses involved in the bio-based economy face constant challenges to be competitive, sustain existing markets, discover new markets and comply with a demanding regulatory environment. IBF can provide a comprehensive support service. This support service involves the following:
a) Life Cycle Analysis
b) Development of New Product Concept
c) Market Analysis
d) Industry Insights