Leading experts and support networks examine opportunities for  ICT
(Information and Communication Technologies), IoT (Internet of Things)
and Industry 4.0. technologies to improve the efficiency of the biomass value chain.

ICT BIOCHAIN aims to bring leading experts and support networks to develop Digital Innovation Hubs within the ready-made test bed bioeconomy regions to examine opportunities for ICT, IoT and Industry 4.0 to increase the efficiency of high potential value biomass supply chains. Six ‘model demonstrator regions’ were chosen to lead the way towards a more sustainable chemical production. Two of these high potential Model Demonstrator Regions, South East Ireland and Andalusia, will serve as test bed locations for the development of digital innovation hubs for biomass mobilisation. The competence centres will provide access to the best knowledge, information and technology to promote opportunities for ICT, IoT and Industry to be integrated into biomass supply chains.

(Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking)

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