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Our mission is to promote the conversion of Ireland’s natural land & sea resources to high-value products for the development of a sustainable bioeconomy that is globally competitive and creates local development.

We will do this by helping our members:  to facilitate relations among innovative agribusiness, forestry, marine, energy and bioeconomy champions; generating synergies between different sustainable initiatives; enabling innovative projects to reach their next level; creating an integrated ecosystem of converging assets and ambitions.

IBF is headquartered on the National Bioeconomy campus in Lisheen, Co. Tipperary (just 8 miles from Thurles). This 455-hectare property is a converted mining site and boasts an impressive infrastructure including roads, electrical substation, wind turbines, weighbridges, water, buildings. An ecosystem of converging assets and ambitions ecosystem of converging assets and ambitions.

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Bioeconomy Campus

We are situated just here! On the National Bioeconomy Campus at Lisheen, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.
By creating this uniques infrastructure in Ireland, we will go one step further in collaboration with local, National and EU authorities to help to build a centre where our clients can pilot and demonstrate their innovative biotech and green chemistry solutions with the latest technologies and know-how.