Private Members


Glanbia Ingredients (Joined 2017)

Is a global nutrition group in Ireland. It is also the guiding force behind the AgriChemWhey Project, which allows for the conversion of waste from milk production into biodegradable plastics and protein powders.

Commercial Mushroom Producers
(Joined 2017)

Is a co-operative that represents most of the mushroom growers in Ireland.

ClonBio Group (Joined 2019)

ClonBio Group Ltd is a family owned Irish agribusiness that manufactures sustainable bioproducts from grain. The Group is a market leader and large-scale producer of renewable energy and animal nutrition in Europe. ClonBio invests in biotechnology products that creates commercially viable bioproducts. The group has developed Europe's largest biorefinery, managed by its operating subsidiary, Pannonia Bio, and also functions as an incubator for novel bioproducts being developed in nutrition, health, biochemical and energy markets in partnership with concept originators.

(Joined 2019)

Animal Nutrition manufacturers that provide specific feeds on a contract basis.

Alltech (Joined 2019)

Biotechnology, Agriculture, Animal health & nutrition, Nutrigenomics, Natural feed additives, Supplier to premix and Animal feed & farmer


Premier Green Energy (Joined 2018)

Is a manufacturer of waste to energy products, specifically technology that facilitates the conversion of various wastes to electricity. Such technologies can be employed by many companies as a method to reduce waste by-products.

Three County Energy Agency
(Joined 2018)

Energy Auditing, Project Management, Domestic Retrofit, Public Lighting, Energy management services, EU Projects, Monitoring & Reporting, Financial Facilitation

Hexafly (Joined 2019)

Is developing new material sources for the Aquafeed, Chitin and Plant Nutrition Industries. Their products come from the sustainable farming of insects.

BHSL Hydro (Joined 2019)

Provides a technology that is particularly useful for chicken farms. Through the conversion of chicken manure, heat and electricity can be produced and used on the farm to increase productivity.

KelAda Pharmachem (Joined 2019)

Was established in Ireland to acquire and develop intellectual assets in the pharma chemical space.

Public Members

University College Dublin
(Joined 2017)

University in Belfield, Dublin. Provides Education and Research Opportunities for the public.

Trinity College Dublin
(Joined 2017)

Provides Education and Research opportunities. Trinity College Dublin is the top-ranked university in Ireland.

University College Cork
(Joined 2019)

National University of Ireland

Tipperary County Council
(Joined 2017)

Plays a role in the development of the county’s industry, business, social, arts, heritage and cultural affairs.

Moorepark Technology (Joined 2019)

MTL is joint venture company with shareholders from the Irish Dairy Industry to provide commercial pilot plant & research services for food industry customers and a key constituent of Teagasc Food Research Centre Moorepark in the process of knowledge and technology transfer.

Dublin City University (Joined 2019)

Dublin University that provides necessary education to the public and also provides a platform for new ideas and technologies to be tested for real-world application.

(Joined 2019)

Run three high potential businesses, Forestry, Land Solutions and Medite Smartply, which delivered earnings (EBITDA) of €115 million in 2018.

Udaras Na Gaeltachta
(Joined 2019)

Is the regional authority responsible for the economic, social and cultural development of the Gaeltacht. It focuses on important areas such as Enterprise Development, Community Development, Employment Creation and Maintaining the Irish Language.

Munster Technological University
(Joined 2019)

MTU (formerly ITT) Education and Research Institute located in Tralee.

Technological University of The Shannon (TUS)

TUS (formerly AIT and LIT) is Irelands newest Technological University with over 14,000 students based on six campuses in Irelands Midwest and Midlands. There are a number of research centres and groups located here including biotechnology, energy management, and polymer technologies.