• Commercial Mushroom Producers (CMP)(Joined 2017):
is a co-operative that represents most of the mushroom growers in Ireland.

• Glanbia Ingredients (Glanbia)(Joined 2017):
is a global nutrition group in Ireland. It is also the guiding force behind the AgriChemWhey Project, which allows for the conversion of waste from milk production into biodegradable plastics and protein powders.

• Alltech (Alltech)(Joined 2019):
Biotechnology, Agriculture, Animal health & nutrition, Nutrigenomics, Natural feed additives, Supplier to premix and Animal feed & farmer

• ClonBio Group(Clonbio)(Joined 2019):
Company that builds and maintains biorefineries. These biorefineries facilitate the conversion of energy crops into biofuels, contributing to less consumption and reliance on fossil fuels.

• PNO Consultants (PNO)(Joined 2018):
Subsidy consultancy, innovation management, consultancy on EU subsidies, management consultancy, investment promotion, innovation promotion, promotion of energy efficiency, promotion of renewable energies, bioeconomy

• Nutri-Bio(NutriBio)(Joined 2019):
Animal Nutrition manufacturers that provide specific feeds on a contract basis.

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