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• Hexafly:
is developing new material sources for the Aqua feed, Chitin and Plant Nutrition Industries. Their products come from the sustainable farming of insects.

• Premier Green Energy (PGE)(Joined 2018):
is a manufacturer of waste to energy products,   specifically technology that facilitates the conversion of various wastes to   electricity. Such technologies can be employed by many companies as a   method to reduce waste by-products.

• Three County Energy Agency (3CEA)(Joined 2018):
Energy Auditing, Project Management, Domestic Retrofit, Public Lighting, Energy management services, EU Projects, Monitoring & Reporting, Financial Facilitation

• BHSL Hydro (BHSL)(Joined 2019):
provides a technology that is particularly useful for chicken farms. Through the conversion of chicken manure, heat and electricity can be produced and used on the farm to increase productivity.

• KelAda Pharmachem (KelAda)(Joined 2019):
was established in Ireland to acquire and develop intellectual assets in the pharma chemical space.

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