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Benefits of Membership

Ability to Influence Policy

The IBF provides its members with an ideal focal point to raise common concerns, ideas and issues and ensure that through IBF’s lobbying efforts that these are heard at the highest levels – nationally and in Europe.

Access to European and National support mechanisms

IBF members are better informed about access to the range of national and EU financial and “soft” supports.

Access to Research Institutions, Researchers and Technology

Existing members of the executive board of IBF are amongst the key drivers in €multi-million Research Centres and EU consortia including BEACON, AMBER, AgriChemWhey etc. These initiatives are globally recognised as being at the cutting edge of research relevant to the bioeconomy. IBF members will facilitate engagement with these initiatives thereby enabling members to position themselves as potential partners in future similar Research Centres and consortia.

Staying “ahead of the game”

IBF members will be kept informed of the latest policy developments, events, technologies and planned national and international initiatives relevant to them.

Preferential Access to IBF facilities

IBF will give its membership preferential access to all IBF facilities and events.